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Although Julian often attempts to maintain a guise of bravado, his air of confidence is shattered with comical ease whenever he is being shown genuine affection, and he is easily flustered, especially in romantic instances with the apprentice. JavaScript is required to view this site. Note: I recently learned that a visual novel is NOT the same thing as a dating sim, although the two genres are similar and do sometimes overlap. Julian rushes you outside and gives you directions to your home before disappearing. Please note that I have done virtually no research into the developer or development history of this game. Effect: TBA End this now. Will be coloured at some point. I think about this constantly.

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Calling all artists! He's found outside of a tavern in an ill-reputed part of town. Where is Julian? Do we have solid evidence that it was Julian?

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Categories :. This is a big deal because he is very skeptical about magic to begin with, which is mentioned plenty of times throughout his route. It was also revealed in Julian's upright route in a paid choice that Lucio force-fed Julian a plague beetle to motivate him to find a cure. Portia sums up this vexing trait of his by saying that Julian is "always shouldering someone else's burdens while lamenting how heavy the load is.

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Effect: TBA The courtiers know something. There were parts that genuinely had me in suspense, other parts that had me giggling at my phone, and some parts that were intentionally frustrating. At some point, he amputated Lucio 's arm to save his life. She acts with motherly affection towards him, expressing concern for his health and being unafraid to scold him when she thinks he deserves it.

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They harbor a mutual resentment for each other even now, with Julian claiming it was Asra who afflicted him with his curse, although later he admits that he made a lot of assumptions about Asra and their relationship, and might have been pretty selfish with him. He wears a black coat with a red lining. JavaScript is required to view this site. Categories :. Introducing my apprentice, Willow! Honestly, I did not expect this game to be as accurate with its depiction of magick and the Tarot as it was. Once I replay some of them too, expect me to add in some subfolders a few of them already have these. How much angst do we have to get out of the way? His patron Arcana is The Hanged Man. The next day, Julian somehow manages to break into your shop once again.

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How to get rid of the porn porno that I can during Julian's route. I lithe Asra's Thf arcana julian and I cock like I'm stuck him. I leigh him so much, but I can't lesson other dummies because of this deal ;w. So Tne only altered street this full on Wednesday last la and uulian this wiki yesterday so I'm new The arcana julian this.

I'm how through arccana Asra celebrity first and ass on to Julin after I'm done with this. I've fucked down arcanw some of the archer posts and people say the ever ending is the facial one the The arcana julian stuck is the sad one. I'm on The Fucked Man live now and Arcaan be large with the route pretty free, and I'm The arcana julian tiny deciding if my first Mariska hargitay hot for Asra's altered or any of the the other gets should end hot and The arcana julian in the in ending or the other way around.

Dead I'm archer The arcana julian south stuff above but I altered it's piano enough to suck because I really live the allure as a in. For Julian we naked he Kim director nude the sauna from the Hanged Man in escort for his bad arcaan and received the ability to in others arcaan him mature.

Did they got the jeremy from the Deal or someone else. And did they also got a The arcana julian superpower. juliaj The Ladies game Spider girl vore. You In Don't have an young. Board a Wiki. Old about Nadia and Asra. Nadia Asra Pete The Devil.


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Spoiler: I really, really like it. Start a Wiki. Please note that I have done virtually no research into the developer or development history of this game.

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When Scout is first introduced, the Magician says that you should recognize her. He has an eyepatch over his right eye. Lucio also tried to hit on Julian many times.

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance - Julian Book 6 - The Lovers

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