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Other families find nudity very natural and normal. Do your kids a favor and put some clothes on. We even jump in together to this day she's in college if we both need to use our single shower at the same time. Jessie, 20, Eugene, Oregon: Of course this would be uncomfortable! So, my opinion is, if you can be comfortable, your daughter will be too and it will probably not really be an issue - and could ultimately teach her healthy ways of thinking about her body. My spouse grew up in a family with one modest parent and one hyper-modest parent we have to take it on faith that her father, like other ordinary mortals, does indeed have occasional bowel movements. Whenever my son displays curiosity related to my breasts or genitals that gives me a flash of discomfort, I always ask myself how I would feel if he displayed the same curiosity about my elbows, or my knees.

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Don't say anything. Hot-spring resorts are also popular destinations for families on vacation. We realize that will probably come to an end soon. Jenny Well, doesn't it depend on the family's attitudes about nudity?

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Of course, if there were any sexual overtones, it would be totally inappropriate, but that's not what you stated. It is not until ages that children develop what is called ''gender stability'' boys know wearing a skirt doesn't change the fact that they're a boy, etc. I read this post and was delighted to be reminded of one of my favorite experiences with my daughter when she was little. If you saw the child act afraid of her dad, traumatized, or behaving sexually inappropriate with other children beyond childish curiosity - something that she would never understand otherwise then perhaps your involvement would be warranted.

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They are now 6 and 8. But not me. Your post appears full of judgement.

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Unless there is reason to suspect abusive behavior outside of the bathing context, this seems totally fine to me. We are older parents, with one grown daughter who is 30 and was raised similarly and a 9 yr old daughter. If the husband were allowing his daughter to touch his penis or buttocks, or if he were touching her vagina or buttocks, that would be a completely situation. My parents were naked around me all the time. But I do urge you to loosen up about nudity in the home. I was also completely unable to tell my mother about some health problems I had, and that I was beginning puberty, because I was just too embarrassed. For me it was no big deal, but my sister had a hard time when she hit puberty.

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Such a contrast with my own childhood. They know not to touch other people's genitals and so that's never been an issue while he's been in the bath with them. Now if the little girl came up to you and started talking about things that seemed clearly sexual, I might worry.

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That makes them private. But are we too quick to point the finger at social media and popular culture? Jessie, 20, Eugene, Oregon: Of course this would be uncomfortable! Strut the streets with the latest styles from Missguided.

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