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Haley then immediately rushes back into the house and leaps into Andy's arms to give him a passionate kiss that he enthusiastically reciprocates. Andy really has Beth's uniform out because he's sending Beth back her things and had the uniform pressed because he loves his country. She says she's glad and it was fun before saying bye to him. When Claire wants to know why Haley is spending so much time with Andy, Haley lies and tells her that she and Andy are having sex. Advice from a Caterpillar. Retrieved June 20, She has come over to her grandfather's house to drink his beer and sunbathe by his pool.

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Phil : Really? In " The Storm ," Andy tells Haley he wants to slow things down a bit between them in order for them to catch up emotionally to where they are physically so they don't burn out. He makes me laugh.

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Alex finds the whole thing hilarious because Andy is not Haley's usual type. Wait, are they? Haley's boyfriend asks Andy if he will help him write a card for Haley and Andy agrees. When he turns back around to face the security line, Haley turns around to see Andy walking away.

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It's graduation, the time when we celebrate being done with thinking. In " White Christmas ," Andy and Haley can't keep their hands off each other and they end up getting caught putting their pants back on in a locked closet. Haley : Of course not.

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She is usually seen well dressed with nice makeup and perfect hair. Although she pretends to shrug them off, Haley is secretly flattered and touched by his sincere compliments. As they sit in the coffee shop, Haley takes a picture of Andy and Andy compliments her by saying that it is honestly the best picture anyone has ever taken of him. While Alex is smart, quick-witted, and geeky, Haley is popular, outgoing and shallow. Retrieved March 3, Haley tells him they broke up after running into Andy and Beth at that movie; she just thought they seemed so good together that she wanted that. He wants it to be something special and magical, like in the movies. Add an image. However, when Haley arrives at her grandfather's house, she now has a new doctor boyfriend whom she met the same day she visited Andy in the hospital. Haley : You know what?

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Chase is a temporary love interest seen in Season 6 's " Closet? The boyfriend seems to be a third wheel, not understanding Haley and Andy's jokes and shared sense of humor. In " Three Dinners " she is pressured by her parents who do not believe she has any future plans or aspirations, but she proves them wrong by revealing her interest in fashion photography, and the blog she is keeping to earn extra money.

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They attend a carnival " Closet? His flight has been delayed again and the wedding has been moved due to a fire. At the coffee shop, Haley confronts Andy about the text message and if he is sure about getting on that plane. Because you're smart, pretty, and sorta funny in a way that I don't really get but other people seem to enjoy.

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