Minecraft pc desert seed. Desert Seeds Minecraft 1.12.2 (33 Photos)

November 1, December 21, admin 0 Comment. This seed sees you spawn near the desert, but that's not the only thing worthy of your attention. There are two villages!? Queque vous avez tous avec vos forge! This Minecraft desert seed 1. I tried this seed and it actually worked!!! This is soooo cool Reply. Other Culture Indie eSports Video.

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This one's full of zombies! Who doesn't want three villages in the desert seed? Nice rock formations in front when you spawn, theres a desert behind your spawnpoint with about 8 sugar cane and a taiga forest biome behind the desert. However, the main attraction is, of course, the desert temple.

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The desert temple contains the following:. I tried this seed and it actually worked!!! There's also a village around the temple, but it's no ordinary desert village.

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November 1, December 21, admin 0 Comment. The first one is north of the spawn point, at ,70, , while the second is south of the spawn point, at ,69, Okay, so the desert isn't the only biome for this seed.

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This page was last modified on 7 September , at This is a pretty interesting Minecraft desert seed. This village seed spawns players somewhat near a village that has a desert temple perfectly built into it. This is soooo cool Reply. This triple desert village seed puts players near a village which is near another village and so on until three villages are discovered with two diamonds and a saddle. In the center of the world, at , , the four biomes meet, and there's a desert temple right in the middle, along with a blacksmith village. Once you spawn in the savanna, head towards the desert; you can easily see the desert temple in the distance. Be sure to check out the full page by clicking above for the details. There is an other temple in X Y Z Reply.

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There are two villages!? This is soooo cool Reply. This is a perfect Minecraft seed for starting out with a diamond pickaxe. Mais sinon ce seed a l'air sympa!

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In addition to temples full of treasure, deserts often house spectacular villages made of sand and make the best background for survival mode, among other things. One of the buildings in the village is even taller than the temple. Version: 1. There are often volcano-like hills and hills with a chunk taken out of them in desert seeds.

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