10 best pokemon games. Mewtwo – Best Generalist Attacker (36 Photos)

Machamp has a fast flurry of Fighting-type attacks that can beat down a large amount of Pokemon. Pokemon Rejuvenation is similar to Pokemon Reborn when it comes to gameplay and the game design engine used. Pokemon Reborn is quite challenging in areas but never feels unfair. The current development has been slow lately for Ethereal Gates, but the developers have reassured fans that there is good to come in the future. There are even a few references of Reborn in Rejuvenation. HeroVoltsy — A Youtuber dedicated to showcasing fan created Pokemon video games. The glossiness of the background or sight-seeing of Nulina is marvellous. Josh Brown. Reborn influences you to change up Pokemon in battles often and be as strategic as you can be. The game was developed and reformatted to support Beta 5 version.

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MunchingOrange — Another Youtuber who plays a lot of different official and unofficial Pokemon games. Pokemon Uranium took nine years to make and was a labor of love for Pokemon game fans. Pokemon Uranium is still one of the best fan games ever made, and should be at the top of your playlist!

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Its single typing makes it a far risky take than Zapdos, and access to Wild Charge boosting its overall DPS above the former Electric ruler of the roost. The 2D sprite work of the characters and environments is high quality. Enter your Email address.

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The story is quite good and the battle system is really balanced. The following games either barely missed our top list or have potential to be amazing once completed. Take pets for fighting.

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The current development has been slow lately for Ethereal Gates, but the developers have reassured fans that there is good to come in the future. If you know of any other great Pokemon fan games that I failed to mention, please let everyone know about them in the comments section. And if you have one from back in the day, make sure you keep it! However, Mud Slap and Bulldoze work on Electric-type raids. It is the metro city used by Pokemon trainers. Popular Posts. Play this game on Xbox and Nintendo gaming console. Page Contents:. Web-Based — Both of these Tower Defense games are really impressive, with many maps to play through, a cool story, and nice upgrades. I am a long time webmaster.

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Related Articles. I enjoyed the characters a lot in Sage. Pokemon Infinity is exceptional due to unexplored Nulina expedition. Josh Brown.

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Because the first episode was so impressive, I imagine when all episodes are completed, Phoenix Rising could be one of the best fan games ever made! If you love Tower Defense games, you got to try these flash games out. The characters are really cool and the added 3D cutscenes look nice. Phoenix Rising features a multi-choice story-line, the choices you make while playing will change the story later on.

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